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Float plans unveiled

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May 16 2001 21:27

Preparations underway for November's Lord Mayor's Show.

May 16 2001 22:16

I think you should have a life-size model of Sam Sharpe on the float...

May 16 2001 23:15

I was under the impression that the design was "revealed" in the sponsorship booklet produced a couple of months ago...

3. stef   
May 17 2001 11:14

People's obsession with Sam Sharpe is quite scary at times:)

May 17 2001 11:40

Spanner is not the Guilds violate mascot. It was recently declared inviolate because they felt that they were too incompetent to look after it properly, as such it seems a strange symbol to parade around. Bolt is their only violate mascot at present and is in the possession of the RCS.

5. Sam   
May 17 2001 13:16

I think there should be a larger than life size model of Sam Sharpe on there.

As to the question of making more noise...i propose Andy stands there and talks for a while.

May 18 2001 21:08

Stef, are you jealous about Sam's omnipresence here... Remember we are a Guild.

May 20 2001 21:55

I'm sure there's some joke to be made about violation, Sam Sharpe and a giant spanner, but I'm not going to be the one to make it.

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