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Faculty Heads Appointed

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May 17 2001 19:37

The Principals of Imperial’s four new “faculties” will assume responsibilities from 1 August.

1. stef   
May 18 2001 10:31

I though Anne Dell was involved in Medical glycobiology not genomics......

You should have also mentioned she is respected because she is, from my time in Biochem, an excellent lecturer. Though she does have a tendency to smile too much which can be slightly annoying while nursing a hangover at 9am:)

2. Sam   
May 18 2001 14:03

what an entirely pointless comment, i couldn't help replying

May 20 2001 21:51

I agree

4. stef   
May 21 2001 09:57

I know I was on hold while phoning a company up and it was just enough time to write a comment. It wasn't a very good one, but it passes the time:)

May 23 2001 17:27

sure does...

what would we do without the guilds website to flit away the hours?

May 25 2001 00:22

More work

7. stef   
May 25 2001 09:54

well its along wait between Felixes

May 25 2001 11:33

And an even longer wait between good felixes (nearly a year since we last had one of those)

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