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Land Rover Written Off

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Jul 06 2006 10:11

The Union Land Rover is believed to have been written off after being crashed into a tree in France.

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1. Bob   
Jul 06 2006 16:49

Tyres have certainly failed on a motorway, but not a wheel to my knowledge....

Jul 06 2006 17:11


"Mountaineers Do It Again

The Mountaineering Club have had another minibus accident. This time one of the wheels fell off the minibus while it was hurtling along the M54 around 9pm last Friday.

The bus was stopped twice when ?clunking? noises were heard, but nothing appeared amiss and the journey continued. The wheel finally sheared off, despite a number of safety features designed to prevent such a failure. Nobody was injured."

Jul 07 2006 09:14

Its not certain that the Landrover is a write off thats for insurance to decide...

4. Bob   
Jul 07 2006 11:45

Indeed bodger. More interesting is the news that minibuses built since 2001 will need 62mph speed limiters fitted within the next 12 months....

5. JJ   
Jul 10 2006 23:31

Written off? Pah! My bet is they could have driven it home if they'd wanted.

Jul 11 2006 08:45

Do we have the Landrover back yet?

Jul 11 2006 12:00

In my first year, a Union minibus (I forget the affectionate name the Transport Officer had given it), on a trip to Brighton, lost a window which fell out, the exhaust "just disappeared" only discovered while we are asking "wtf is that noise!", and to top it all, when we arrived back in Prince's Gardens, the back door swung off and the FLAT spare wheel made a run for it.

Needless to say this minibus remained in faithful service of the Union for a further 2 years!

And yes, we did have Transport Officers back then ;)

8. Sam   
Jul 13 2006 23:47

Dear Rob,

That was a long time ago - did you need to refill the coal to get a sufficient head of steam to make it to Brighton?

  • -


9. Dave   
Jul 14 2006 10:26

Just for once I'll bite...

Back in 1982/3, we took delivery of a new white minibus one morning; by 1100 it had been hired by RCSU to transport Davy away from its hideout behind the Mines security desk.

Or the other brand new minibus whose run-in period consisted of a trip up to Glasgow to go to a mate's party. The following morning it was noted that the speedo needle was visibly bent where it had been forced against the stop on the dial.

10. Eugene   
Jul 16 2006 23:29

And presumably the Mountaineering Club won't claim contingency money for this at the next CSC meeting ;)

11. Ben   
Jul 17 2006 07:23

It's not ICMC!

Blame the f%$&ing Outdoor Club!

12. Harry   
Apr 26 2009 10:47

Hope you fixed it! Theyre so easy to fix!Even after a nasty smash

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