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Bo parade participation in doubt

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May 22 2001 16:16

C&GCU's inviolate mascot may not take part in the Lord Mayor's Show.

May 22 2001 21:02

What happened to Mustafa's personal gimmick - "The largest float in the whole show" surely this cannot be achieved without extra novelties tagged onto the back?

May 22 2001 21:37

Gimmick? Shhhhhh! :-)

May 23 2001 09:57

Thank's Mustafa, land me in it right up to the neck won't you? I open up my e-mail and see my in box packed full of death threats because of my suggestions. May I request the HJT bugets for the purchase of a large amount of tact for the incoming president.

May 23 2001 12:57

Ok, maybe I am really going to display my ignorance og vehicles here, but can't Bo be towed?

May 23 2001 13:53

You boys really should find something better to do with your time. As I always said, we will make every possible effort to be there but we can't promise the world - sometimes things are out of your hands. Towing? No chance. You can tell that you're not the ones who are in the garage until the wee small hours every night before a run.

May 23 2001 17:30

Who are the people who are "in the garage until the wee small hours before a run"? If, Paul, you are one of them, are you really in any place to tell anyone to "find something better to do with your time"?

May 23 2001 18:09

The people who stay in the garage till the wee small hours before a run are the little people. When everybody else is asleep they creep into garages across the country and fiddle with cars. Have you ever wondered why your car won't start on a morning when it ran perfectly well the night before? Its the little people. I know, I've seen them. And yes, Paul is one of them, and they will some day have their world domination.

May 23 2001 20:16

Just to clarify, although I am keen to see Bo' running in the procession, I would only condone doing so if it wouldn't damage the car. After all, as President next year I shall be ultimately responsible for Bo's upkeep.

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