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BP Decision to Kill Wye Plans?

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Jul 30 2006 21:49

Imperial's plans for Wye look set to depend on the location of BP's Energy Biosciences Institute.

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1. cynic   
Jul 31 2006 14:06

No, you don't understand.

The biofuels centre plan will be abandoned AFTER the 'enabling' housing developments have taken place, at which point College will announce their 'great disappointment' at 'unforeseen' obstacles (i.e. their purse will stay heavier if they don't bother), but that they will still be investing the big fat housing profits in other energy-related projects (i.e. glass-cladding Skempton, which happens to contain an Energy Futures Lab).

Net result: one AONB destroyed, turning beautiful countryside into soulless housing estates; all AONBs the left open for the same thing to happen elsewhere; and a few ugly concrete tower-blocks in London covered in glass, but still ugly anyway.

Jul 31 2006 14:34

Oh dear...

*holds breath and waits for inevitable "Well of course AONB's should be concreted because some students got into Wye with fewer UCAS points than I needed for ISE" tirades*

3. ISE   
Jul 31 2006 17:17

F**k yeah

Jul 31 2006 22:20

You forgot to mention that by cladding old concrete buildings in glass, the energy consumption will rise because, err, you just built a greenhouse in the summer sun. no wonder we have power cuts in summer and not winter.... Talk about wasting energy at the pumps. I'd be surprised if the total amount BP want to invest is more than the annual energy bill of Oxbridge and Imperial put together. Greenwash, the whole fugging lot.

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