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Goodbye to Free NUS Discounts

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Aug 13 2006 15:40

The National Union of Students has started the new academic year by charging its members for discounts.

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1. Sid   
Aug 14 2006 13:39

A balanced article

2. ANUS   
Aug 14 2006 15:59

So what the hell does the NUS do?

3. n/a   
Aug 15 2006 01:05

The NUS is one giant disgrace. Apart from supporting lecturers against student interests (and thus betraying its membership), mostly it imposes ridiculous bureaucracy and extremist militant political correctness (worse than anything ICU would have experienced). Its primary purpose is to hold a variety of annual conferences which talk a lot and achieve nothing (multi-hour debates on semantics are probably the bulk of achievements). But the purpose of the conferences isn't the talking - it's getting the most up-their-own-a**es members of student unions to waste plenty of resources to go on a trip and get completely p***ed and shag around with other, similarly self-important w***ers, so that they can return home and boast about having "represented" their uni at national level. <br><br>

It's a self-aggrandizing, purposeless, steaming pile of corruption, petty politics and anal bureaucracy. Its only remaining purpose is to continue existing, so it can continue to claim to speak for hundreds of thousands of students, most of whom only join up to get into NUS venues (many unis don't have any non-NUS bars on campus), and most of whom don't give the slightest s**t about the idiots who run the NUS, nor are most even aware what the NUS stands for.


4. ANUS   
Aug 15 2006 01:46

Right lets do some maths 50K to join the NUS, we have over 10,000 students. 10 pounds per NUS discount card. Therefor NUS is netting over 150K from us. Oh not to mention we have to send people to conferences and organise elections which will be at least another 10K.

If we join NUSSL as well, we get to pay more for our beer and guess what we also dont get to eat kit kats anymore.... tell me again, why should we join? But we do get to talk about the war in Iraq a lot and they did do a pretty good job with the lectures strikes didnt they. Half of the universities students in England got an early summer holiday and got away with not doing any exams.

Aug 15 2006 08:55

For the record, the NUS had essentially nothing to do with the abolition of tuition fees in Scotland. It was the finding reached by an independent committee chaired by Andrew Cubie, as well as a manifesto and hence coalition commitment from the Liberal Democrats.

6. n/a   
Aug 15 2006 15:11

What a waste of money! Why are we even bothering with a referendum? This clearly does not benefit students one bit.

7. yup   
Aug 16 2006 13:41

Yeah it's pretty much a foregone conclusion - especially now they charge for the discount card!

Anyway forget that c**p Guildsmen... piece together your history here:

Thats right chaps, it's a Guilds and Livery Companies jigsaw - for only £1.50

8. Phil   
Sep 24 2008 13:44

I personally can't believe that Bristol is almost alone in telling the NUS to stick their cards where the sun doesn't shine. My President at Bath Uni refuses to leave the NUS, probably because they are too lazy to sort out a Bath discount card for a fraction of the cost. NUS is a profit driven organisation, a huge waste of time and lucky to have so many gullable SU Presidents across the country thinking they are powerful when they don't do a flippin' thing.

Sep 24 2008 15:49

Wow, way to dig out a 2 year old story..;.

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