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No Interest in Freshers' Handbook

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Aug 24 2006 17:07
Aug 24 2006 17:27

I'm loving the cover though

2. Cynic   
Aug 24 2006 17:56

Personally a photo of the outside of the Union Building in blackout would be more appropriate as if current progress continues thats all they'll see of the union foor freshers week.

Aug 25 2006 23:49

Thanks, Charlee, for the kind words.

Now, c'mon Cynic, there's at least a 30% chance it'll be done in time.

(and thanks, Ashley, for a balanced writeup.)

4. Tris   
Aug 25 2006 23:59

The legacy of Neate. Well, this year's handbook looks ten times better, which bodes well for the coming year of Felix.

Aug 29 2006 14:41

There are stacks of last year freshers handbook piled up in union offices. What a waste.

Aug 29 2006 15:17

The google advert that was automatically picked for this story is for an "NVQ Plumbing Course." But of course...

Aug 29 2006 15:21

Google picks ads related to "City & Guilds" when it can't find anything better. I take them off when they appear, but it can take a while.

8. Seb   
Aug 30 2006 09:13

Love the cover.

9. Shaun   
Aug 31 2006 19:25

Andy that looks sweeeeet

10. ...   
Sep 02 2006 08:55

Back in 2002 my handbook arrived after freshers week, with a fine and no stamp. Doesn't seem like there's any point producing it if it is going to be sent that late

11. Sam   
Sep 08 2006 01:15

That's not original - I don't have it to hand, but at least one Dugdale/Coby handbook was produced with the words "Don't Panic" on it.

I don't remember the description of the old guide, but in the novel "Mostly Harmless" I'm pretty sure that the new guide was described at smooth, polished and black and then when you weren't looking it morphed until the words Don't Panic were embossed on the cover.

Of course the new guide also morphed into a Bird, which is something you don't often see at Imperial either.

Sep 13 2006 18:17

Of course it's not original. At least some of the content (maybe 90% or so, I wrote it basically alone with help from a friend who I paid in lunches, and another friend I paid in compliments) is new, rather than being the same reheated tripe from previous years.

The "Don't Panic" thing is kind of a tradition, just like the "And DJ Granola spake unto the students, and he said: find a tin opener" section about cooking baked beans. Without tradition we are nothing! (maybe). I worked with the mighty troika of Dugdale, Coby and Edwards back in the good ol' days (ah, 'editorial meetings' in the bar, how I miss you), so I felt I owed it to them to carry on the traditions.

Responses to above:

We've printed fewer (nearly exactly as many as there are freshers).

The mailing is handled by an outside mailing house, so the stamp thing was their boo-boo.

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