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NUS Spams Live!

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Oct 07 2006 21:56

The NUS Senior Press Officer has spammed Live! several times, to encourage IC students to buy NUS Extra cards they aren't eligible to buy.

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Oct 08 2006 00:40

Make that 7 times... (another one just came in)

Oct 08 2006 14:16

So I'm "fluffy" now am I? That's not exactly what your recent Live! poll said...

Oct 08 2006 14:35

For "fluffy", read "Labour"

4. Tris   
Oct 08 2006 17:16

I hope there's to be no ensuing leadership struggle.

5. Eric   
Oct 09 2006 10:46

Can we report them to their ISP for spamming please!!

Oct 11 2006 11:42

I think it's an absolute joke that Joh is even considering affiliating to the NUS. I was president of Southampton for 2 years and a proud member of the Labour Party. But I never once considered joining the national union, since i put the interests of my students above my own political ambition.

Something a spineless John Collins seems incapable of doing. Your Fluffy and useless mate the sooner you go the better

Oct 13 2006 09:37

Some harsh words there Andy. Do I see a no confidence in the distance?

Oct 13 2006 11:21

How exactly is a former student of Southampton going to no confidence John?

Dec 17 2008 13:38

wonderful work mr. chitorda. i want some more insights, can we meet for lunch, next wednesday SCR?

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