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A Fine Election Farce?

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Oct 10 2006 10:56

The stunning lack of advertising for ICU election nominations could well turn into a farce.

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1. Tris   
Oct 10 2006 18:00

At last, an advertising email from our good president!

Oct 12 2006 08:58

Somehow, almost every single Election at ICU is turning into a farce...

Oct 12 2006 15:29

Nominations have been extended to Sunday.

4. Sid   
Oct 13 2006 15:07

I am not entirely sure that this has a lot to do with advertising - I say John Collins standing in the walkway giving out fliers to people for the General Meeting and I think there were a handful of Freshers at the meeting.

For the GSA - considering the DPGS is in the dark, a little can be inferred about the students interest itself!

Elections are not a farce, they are a long-drawn and quite stale affair at Imperial, I think the council should fully discuss and approve some of the changes to the Election regulations - its high time for Electoral reform.

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