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El Salvador Project

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Oct 12 2006 16:15

A report from the student-organised civil engineering relief work trip to El Salvador - Summer 2006.

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1. John   
Oct 30 2006 12:21

I reeeally loved "Mamacita's" description... So vivid en encouraging! Without doubts, a place to visit.

Oct 30 2006 12:50

Indeed an excellent description from mamacita! she must have been a great hit!!!!

3. Suzi   
Jan 16 2007 16:41

Please send me details of the person who organises these trips, I work in partnership with an organisation there and would like to explore links.


Jan 17 2007 20:02


I have given the chief organiser your email address and he will contact you shortly.

Livic editor

5. sissy   
Mar 06 2007 19:42

Can you saned me pic.

6. sarah   
Mar 13 2007 00:54

Hi, I am a student from the US that also did work in Santa Marta, El Salvador. You wrote about the students at the University, and I wanted to let you know that we made a website to publicize the scholarship program. They are very much in need of funds in order to finish the school year. The link is


Dec 04 2007 22:59

thanks for every thing God bless you

8. eliy   
Jan 23 2008 20:13

i love el salvador man its fricken awsome!!!!! yeah im salvi!!!!!!!

9. milli   
Jan 23 2008 20:16

hey im salvi 2 and eliy is my bff thats right and wat homey!!!!!!!

10. kimbra   
Jan 23 2008 20:18

hey im kimbra and eliy and milli up there are my bffs so love ya and bye bye

11. OSKAR   
Apr 25 2008 08:48

hey im in el salvador .. if u decide to come email me ... .com

Dec 16 2008 23:21

im from el salvador it is sooooo cool over there !!!!!

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