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NUS and Student Activities

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Nov 02 2006 10:50

NUS National Executive Committee member Richard Budden explains what joining the NUS could mean to Imperial's clubs and societies.

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1. James   
Nov 02 2006 12:14

"NUS will this year be launching its media awards to recognise all fields of student media and showcase student talent."

Because the Guardian Student Media Awards, Student Radio Awards and National Student Television Awards aren't enough?! Please don't waste time and money re-inventing the wheel.

On a more general point - ICU already provides a lot of training to club officers. The fact is that most club officers don't have time for endless training courses, they just want to get on with running their clubs using methods that have been handed down and developed over generations of previous club members. There is always room for improvement, but I think this is much better managed at local level rather than by outsiders who inevitably with not be familiar with how every student union works best for its "breed" of students.

Nov 02 2006 22:50

I second what James says regarding any possible NUS media awards.

We already attend the National Student Television Awards (NaSTA) and they provide us with training, networking, advice from industry professionals and a great weekend.

The beauty of NaSTA is that it is organised entirely by student TV stations. The NUS contribution to student TV is minimal at best so what makes them think that it is their place to be giving out awards?

To be frank, this idea sounds like part soundbite and part attempt to affiliate with the achievements of student media.

It is also worth mentioning that NaSTA and its benefits are available to any student TV station regardless of NUS affiliation.

Nov 02 2006 23:58

When will I receive my nomination for these prestigious NUS media awards? Felix has given the NUS so much publicity recently, it is only proper that our excellent work is acknowledged.

Felix would be more than happy to attend the NUS Media Awards ceremony. We are already attending The Guaridan Student Media Awards but im sure we could find time to swing by their ceremony, just to show that we are not elitist ;)

4. sciv   
Nov 07 2006 13:35

I thought there'd be something really good mentioned and i was going to say that we don't need the NUS to do that, we can do it better on our own. There wasn't anything really good mentioned though. I'm disappointed already and we haven't even joined yet.

Nov 08 2006 14:48

NUS deliver a wide range of training and development around Student Activities in Students? Unions. Examples of this include ?Disabled Students and Sport? events as well as assisting in Campaigns such as ?Kick it Out? and Keep Wednesdays Free, to ensure that everyone is able to participate in club and society activities. - If IC started letures on a Wednesday afternoon ICU is best placed to deal with that and I am sure that any students affected would ensure it was dealt with - why is there a need for a national campaigne?

NUS is about opportunities and participation at every level in sport and activities, believing that those who are interested should be given every opportunity to play sport, be it competitive or recreational. We work closely with BUSA but do not replicate what they do and vice versa. - What does this mean? As far as I can see it means nothing.

NUS are a key stakeholder in the London 2012 Olympics representing the interests of London students, with the responsibility of engaging the student community in the ?Olympiad?. We gauge the opinion of Students? Unions about what they wish to see from the games and work on initiatives to get London students fully involved, not only with the planning of the games but also the volunteering opportunities that are available. NUS is the only student organisation which represents students through the Mayors office, ensuring that student issues are on the agenda and being listened to. The 2012 Olympics is a huge opportunity for students to experience and shape both the cultural and organisational impact of London 2012 and highlight the city to the wider world. Through the NUS you are able to get your voice heard and get involved. Without us, Imperial students will miss out on these opportunities to influence and play a major role in the 2012 games being what you desire. - If you want to volunteer for the 2012 Olymipics all you have to do is go onto their website and do it there. If you want to compete you go to the national body for the sport you are interested in. What exactly is the NUS doing?

NUS are also committed to Student Media and the role that it plays in Students? Union and student life. This year has seen NUS expand its provision, with more events designed for officers and students to learn about ways of communication, and gain assistance from industry professionals. NUS will this year be launching its media awards to recognise all fields of student media and showcase student talent. - enough has been said on this already!

Through the Student Activities Network (STADIA) NUS provides training and support on everything from RAG, to developing your faith societies, to motivating and optimising your volunteers. We work closely with external partners to ensure that students and societies get the most out of their membership. - ICU have been sucessfully doing this for years and before anyone says it is because we were part of ULU this is rubbish. ICU planned this in-house.

NUS are able to take a lead in the field of Student Activities because we are the only organisation that is able to deliver across the board for students and their development. Be it student sport, media or societies, NUS has the links and the expertise to optimise what the membership receive. - he has not convinced me AT ALL that the NUS offer more than ICU members already have.

Vote Yes to NUS to gain even more from your University Experience, because University is about more than just a degree - Finally - something I agree with - yes University is more than just a degree. The rest of his statement means nothing.

Nov 12 2006 22:30

And ICU hasnt been doing most of these things to some degree for years without NUS affiliation? We are and have been more than capable of running our own affairs. Self serving nonsense from NUS officials does not seek to improve the IC experience but serves to make our union poorer, politically mis-represented and slowly move some power and decisions away from out own democratic systems into an expensive, inefficient and bureaucratic system.

The only people to wholy benefit from the NUS remain its elected officials and that small number of people in the country who stand by its agenda.

Nov 12 2006 22:44

NUS and its media... What media? We hear words. The NUS is exactly that, an expensive talking shop. Why waste our time and money on things which will never happen? NaSTA exists without the NUS and does far more. Student media does not need or want the NUS involved. It will merely add politics to our media which is and should remain as intependent as possible. Politics and media add together to make dangerous agendas and censorship against its own views.

Nov 15 2006 23:28

Honestly i heard of this bubble guy when i was in Southampton, my impressions were lot of talk not alot of action. He got sucked into the NUS NEC clique and no more than a sycophant to those more popular than him in the NUS.

You can do all of what he mentions outside the NUS, in fact you probably do more.

Nov 16 2006 10:08 has our DPCS Eric Lai explaining that we do, in fact, do all of what is mentioned and more.

Nov 16 2006 10:29

Hey Andy! I remember this Bubble guy too. In fact I voted for his election on the NEC at Conferrence this year. To be honest, he came across as a bit of lightweight, but that was better than some of the other candidates... (I'm sure you got a peek at them from your balcony pass!)

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