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Queen's University Joins Russell Group

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Nov 07 2006 13:55

Queen's University in Belfast has become the 20th member of the elite Russell Group of Universities.

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Nov 07 2006 15:18

Making the aldwych group more active is surely a better use of £50K than NUS affiliation. Now if we could persuade the other 19 unions to pull out of the NUS and spend the money thus saved on Aldwych...

Nov 07 2006 15:46


The Chair of the Aldwych Group did not know that this was going to happen.

He thanked me for telling him ten minutes ago.

Nov 07 2006 17:53

any thoughts of becoming Aldwych chair yourself John?

4. Seb   
Nov 07 2006 18:29

John Collins:

And did Gemma Tumelty?

Nov 08 2006 09:28

Why would Gemma care? It's only Aldwych after all.

Nov 10 2006 12:11

"It's only Aldwych after all."

What a shoddy attitude, and not exactly subtle.. Why don't you forget your agenda for a second and grow up?

7. Seb   
Nov 10 2006 12:30


I think you mean Russel Group surely.

So, Gemma Tumelty doesn't know or care that another university is joining the grouping that is the main group lobying for increased fees? What happened to know thy enemy?

I'm not particularly sure why the chair of the Aldwych group should know that Queen's was going to join the Aldwych group unless Queen's or their SU told them. More interesting would be if Queen's SU President knew about it.

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