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The Ethical Engineer

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Nov 12 2006 13:28

Should we be considering the environmental conscious of the companies we apply to after graduation?

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Nov 13 2006 09:19

I've never studied economics, but this is how i see it- The british gov is one of the more supportive of 'greeness' and would quite like all companies to be green, but can't do it on it's own because Britain needs to compete globally.

However- this is where my scepticism comes in- If Britain went all green our economy would be weaken initially because of increased costs, however if the world decided to all go green most countries would have there economies weakened much more than us (as we're not particuarly industrial) and so we'd effectivily have a stronger economy.

So my advise would be that as America and China have too much to lose it won't make a difference who you work for but avoid anyone in Norfolk as it's only a couple of meters above sea level...

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