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Why vote No? Do it for your club!

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Nov 14 2006 18:59

Former ACC Chair Eric Lai argues that IC's clubs and societies have a lot to gain from voting No.

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Nov 14 2006 23:13

Lai up!

Nov 15 2006 16:33

Frankly, since joining IC, I've been studying real hard and during this summer break i'll probably be interning somewhere to cover my London costs. So unless the NUS will give me discount at the baguette shop, i don't see how it's going to improve my uni life. I'd rather we throw that money in organising outrageous clubbing nights every friday in the dinning hall (prof. djs, sound system, subsidised beer... baguettes, (kidding)).

3. Mark   
Nov 15 2006 16:51

The 'yes' campaigners on the walkway told me that the £52,000 could NOT be spent on clubs and societies, because apparently it is ringfenced for student representation (by DfES).

Who should we trust?

4. up   
Nov 15 2006 16:57

the dpcs or a bunch of people who are not even from imperial? all this talk of ringfencing is highly unlikely. if it was true, it would have been released as an official statement. if the money stays in the union pot, there would be some way to move it around so that clubs would benefit.

Nov 15 2006 17:28

It won't be ringfenced, and even if it is, it is simple to move money around in the accounts to free it up for any purpose.

Nov 15 2006 17:32

It is absolutely not ringfenced, unless someone has been lying/concealing information (more on that point when voting has closed...)

The NUS people seem to think that if we don't join the NUS, then the College will cut our grant by 52k. This is not the case.

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