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93.9% at Glasgow say NO to NUS

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Nov 15 2006 19:29

Glasgow's Students Representative Council has opted to remain outside the NUS in a referendum today.

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1. n/a   
Nov 15 2006 20:24

Yay to Glasgow! Let's hope IC's referendum goes the same way.

Nov 16 2006 00:31

well, atleast that explains why the yes campaign seemed to be getting desperate with the penguins and all. Had the NUS exec been focusing on purely Imperial for the entirety of the run-up to and during the referendum, I believe we would probably have had more of the phillistines on our campus. I can't decide whether the NUS exec under strain is a good or a bad thing. (The idea being that if there were more of them, everyone would be annoyed into voting No).

Personally I hope enough people see the light behind the Yes! campaign's only two fathomable reasons for joining: so-called national representation and discounts at pointless stores

3. Dim   
Nov 16 2006 00:40

Glasgow had no NUS phillistines on campus, because they said it was not a fair referendum because the SRC was not in favor of affiliation.

SRC ran both the yes and no campaign. As the university of glasgow has 3 other student bodies (GUU, QMU & GUSA) which all opposed the affiliation. So anyone who thinks the glasgow referendum is unfair, they should research the university student bodies and realise why they were against the NUS.

Nov 16 2006 02:13

What nonsense. As the previous poster said, the SRC "actively supported" official Yes *and* No campaigns. Yes, they stated their position on the issue -- because they are the main student representative body on campus and people wanted to know where they stood, and because the £50,000 (yes, £50,000!) it would have cost us to join would have come straight out of their pockets so they had the right to an opinion.

That doesn't make it any less of a referendum. Our votes were free and fair. The NUS described it as a "non-referendum" because they knew they were going to lose. 93.9%! I'm proud of Glasgow -- the NUS and their lies aren't welcome here.

Nov 16 2006 02:34

Go Glasgow - let's hope IC does us proud too!

Nov 16 2006 08:10

Glasgow's decision and the reasons for and against it are of no concern here. As the no campaigners keep saying, we are an institution of different needs to anywhere else in the country and by that fact need not give a damn about what anyone else is doing. Or be influenced by it. I feel it is somewhat of a contradiction to shun 'outsiders' view points when they are campaigning yes but welcome them when they are campaigning no.

Surely if you are going to take this approach we should be looking at the number of institutions who constantly choose to remain within the NUS rather than the pittiful drivvles that remain without. I know where I would rather be.

Nov 16 2006 08:14

Live! will be carrying a full report on the nature of both Glasgow and Imperial referenda early next week. Keep any eye out for it!

Nov 16 2006 08:19

I respect the independence of the Glaswegians, they'll know whats best for Glasgow better than you, I or anyone from the NUS will ever know.

'mon the weegies!

PS. You are proving yourself to be an utter moron. You seem to think that A-NUS want us to never bother with anything outside Beit Quad. If you have read any of our articles or have spoken to any of us you should be aware that this is not the case. We're not arguing that the NUS is horrid and we object to its existance. We're arguing that its a waste of money and is not fit for the purpose of representing us, mainly due to the fact that it is hamstrung by its own internal politics and is far too large a tent to be of any practical use. Far too diverse a range of members, "he who is a friend to all is a friend to none" just about sums it up. At least I've made the effort to take the opposing point of view on board, your just being blinkered.

Nov 16 2006 10:34

I'm not sure why Glasgow even bothered with a referendum. I've been there several times on Union business (and had a great time)! They really are anti-NUS to the core up there. Last year's Glasgow President was forced to resign after it was revealed he'd had a (allegedly secret) meeting with the President of NUS Scotland.

Nov 16 2006 11:17

Congratulations Glasgow, very good choice.

11. Lorna   
Nov 16 2006 14:33

Just to clarify, last years president of Glasgow's SRC, didn't allegedly lie, he did lie. He told the exec and council through reports, written and oral, that he had a meeting with an MP when he was in fact meeting with the NUS Scotland President to arrange a referendum for Glasgow to affliliate. He admitted this and resigned.

Nov 16 2006 14:44

Stephen you know full well I am not a moron and just because I have an opposing view to you (as we have on most subjects) does not mean I am blinkered. I have a right to my own opinion and I uphold that right.

"He who is a friend to all is a friend to none" is a very pessimistic approach in life. Do you suggest that we would be better off outwardly choosing enemies? I consider myself a friend to all as I dislike having enemies or even dislike disliking people. Hell I even count you as my friend, I respect your view point even if I don't agree and I do not think you are a moron for holding it. You present your arguments extremely well and I admit you are a daunting person to contend with. We simply have different ideals and experiences. I am sure if you suggested to any of the people on my course, in any of the choirs I attend or in the orchestra I play in that I am a friend to noone they would be outraged.

Nov 16 2006 14:46

And don't you think we are getting off the point rather? This is not about picking apart the person making the comment - we should be more focussed on the debate at hand.

Nov 16 2006 18:59

It worries me that pro-NUS campaigners don't seem to be able to see past the ideology of the NUS.

Take a moment to consider why so many people are disputing the idea of joining a national, representative organisation which could support and be a strong voice for students in the UK. Why would they do this?

The truth is that they are not. They are rejecting the NUS as it stands today. If there is no pressure on it to become the organisation it should be, of course it can promote the interests of its exec along, and cry over bank statements at night.

Look for the negatives in NUS and they're not hard to find. Nothing is without its flaws, but the NUS has lost sights of the ideals being promoted.

Stand alone, Imperial. Think what you could do with the affliation fee if you didn't spend it...

Nov 16 2006 20:48

On behalf of the official and unofficial No to NUS campaigns at the University of Glasgow I would like to not only welcome yesterday's overwhelming result, but also to thank all those involved in making it happen.

Contrary to what many have claimed on many message boards this was a hard fought campaign in which both sides were well represented. The official "No" team worked particularly hard and their guts and determination did the students of Glasgow proud. I am very pleased to have stood alongside them on this.

I would also like to thank the many people and institutions who lent us their support during this campaign, most particularly Southampton University and the A-NUS campaign whos moral support was a huge boost for the team.

We believe that this was not only a vote against NUS but an endorsement of the policies adopted by GU SRC. The students of Glasgow have made clear they continue to have more faith in the ability of our own sabbs, than they do in the unrepresentative body that is the NUS. We will continue to set our own agenda for many years to come and of that we are proud.

Once again thank you to all of those involved and should any other institutions wish to contact us about saying No to NUS please use our website- or .uk

Thanks and the best of luck to Imperial College's Anti-NUS grouping,

David Tait


No to NUS Campaign

University of Glasgow

Nov 16 2006 20:52


Dan Guy (ex-GU SRC President) was guilty of lying to council admited this and then resigned. For information on this and for the interviews with the chairs of the Yes and No to NUS campaigns, James Alexander NUS Scotland, and like hustings meeting please visit

Nov 17 2006 02:04

I didn't know Dan had admitted to lying about his meeting with Mel Ward, thank you. I was a little surprised when the whole thing kicked off as he used to be one of the most vocal anti-NUS people (despite being a Labour student) I ever met in the Aldwych Group.

18. D_Tait   
Nov 17 2006 13:25

We were all some what surprised by it as well. If you watch the Glasgow student TV video you'll see him accept that he had lied. Anyway,

Best of luck!


19. sairah   
Feb 14 2011 21:53

It's a shame that Glasgow is not affiliated to the NUS, hopefully this will change in time.

Glasgow uni is losing out on many benfefits of being affilaited to the NUS.

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