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Game Over for Physics at Reading

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Nov 20 2006 17:58

The University of Reading today confirmed the closure of its Physics department, despite extra government funding being made available.

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Nov 20 2006 18:48

this is terrible news. they should close all the rubbish department (e.g. media studies) and use that money to fund teaching for real subjects! Clearly the pot of money available to keep science departments open needs to be increased.

Nov 20 2006 18:57

Most of the funding required to keep a physics dept running comes from research, and I sincerely doubt that any media studies depts receive much money from either PPARC or EPSRC.

Nov 20 2006 23:12

That's now two shocking decisions in a matter of days...

I don't even know if they had at any point considered trying to merge a reduced Physics department with other departments (Maths springs to mind, possibly Cybernetics too), anything to keep it open. Sadly, the people who run Unis often put what they want ahead of what the country needs.

Long-term solutions always beat short-term patches.

Nov 23 2006 20:09

Was watching a quiz show today. they asked this father and son team (about 50 and 20 in age respectively) what the chemical symbol Na stood for.

Their final answer was Carbon.

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