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'Tis the Season...

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Nov 24 2006 08:50

Kate Sloyan gives a quick preview of the vast array of culture on offer at Imperial this Christmas.

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1. Kate   
Nov 24 2006 09:34

My apologies if I've forgotten anyone/thing. Post below if you've got anything you want to advertise.

2. Nick   
Nov 24 2006 12:26

What about the Guilds Bar Night on Nov. 28th?! Complete with Freshers' Yard competition

3. Tris   
Nov 24 2006 12:28

That's the opposite of culture, Nick!

4. Ian   
Nov 24 2006 16:19

Big Band on the 14th in DBs for Christmas related jazz plus the usual classics. Free entry.

Dec 11 2006 14:22

Where are all the controversial reviews, heated debates and slagging matches? Are there no reporters out there willing to have their opinions ripped apart by vengeful artists?

Dec 11 2006 16:27

Reviews should be up very soon. Nothing deliberately controversial, but you never know what people will be offended by...

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