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Snippets - 24/11/2006

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Nov 24 2006 17:14

A mostly harmless non-column; Freudian Slip; Media Block Vote; Where's Boon?; College Competence; Bureauracy Awards; Questions for the Rector?

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1. Nick   
Nov 24 2006 17:27

I want to know how much the Rector can bench press in the Ethos, he has been looking buff of late.

Nov 24 2006 21:46

We should form the Media party. I vote Ashley or Mr Yearsley as party whip.

College are being competent because of the centenary. They can't afford any negative press, so I guess they've decided to, well, do very little and do it well.

3. Alex   
Nov 25 2006 01:12

A problem in Aero? Surely not.

Would that be the heating, the projectors, the blocking of access by the new Portacabins, the utterly farcical non-evacuation last week when Chem Eng was full of toxic fumes*, the fact that the department nearly invalidated the degrees of many people who had taken a year abroad by not entering them for the management modules that the RAeS and IMechE require them to take, or something else altogether?

Either way, I'm sure they'll spring it on us in due time...


Nov 25 2006 12:46

Can I be "Secretary of Offence" in our new Media Party?

The Media Party:- The ones you can trust! :)

Nov 25 2006 16:05

Also, there was no blurb about Fok, but there was blurb about me, and NO PHOTO OF ME. Damn you, Reporter.

Nov 25 2006 16:31

Mine is next week :P

Nov 26 2006 10:29

Rather than wasting time playing "where's Boon", why not split the VPFS position into 2 - so create a Treasurer of the exec (club treasurer) so the VPFS doesn't have to do so much. That way he only needs to be there way as much (I would have done this last year, but was too busy being VPFS to have any time to do anything else).

This would have other advantages like bringing more people into the core of guilds, the new officer would probably help the VPA etc

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