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Student Rent Increases, Again

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Dec 04 2006 12:51

Students have seen a 23% rise in accomodation costs since 2003-04, reports the latest NUS survey.

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1. ...   
Dec 04 2006 22:31

When I were a lad at university (last year) there were seven of us in a house. Now the government has made that illegal, so there are only 4 in the house (max) hence rent has gone up.

Dec 04 2006 22:39

Presumably as a result of the new Housing Act the NUS fought for, so students could live in safer conditions:

3. Seb   
Dec 05 2006 01:19

Good. Well, I assume, then, that the NUS will save us. Because thats why we joined the NUS. To sort out these issues. So it will be done. Right?

4. Ant   
Dec 05 2006 07:00

£182 is actually the figure for a University accomodation deposit, not for a house deposit, and from memory is approx what IC's deposit is.

Dec 05 2006 12:40

IC no longer charges a deposit, halls residents are now charged £200 up-front and this sum is deducted from the summer term's rent. This is a very good move for the residents as a lot of them start to run low on money come the summer term but tend to have more available to them in the summer holiday before they come up to Imperial (especially those that con the £200 out of their parents...!).

Any damages are charged to the residents separately and will not affect this £200, it is simply there to secure the place.

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