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Engineers and Scientists Say No, Medics Say Yes

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Dec 12 2006 22:31

The Returning Officer for the NUS referendum has released his report, revealing the divisions within College.

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1. Medic   
Dec 12 2006 23:41

Of course, the Medic president did campain shamlessly to medic freshers under his titile, making this unsurprising.

Dec 13 2006 09:25

I'd like to put it on the record that although I was booed in Mech Eng, every other department I visited was far more welcoming!

Dec 13 2006 12:21

medics are idiots, end of story. they basically did what they were told by their glorious 'leader'. too bad they can't think for themselves.

Dec 13 2006 14:14

It is not fair to say that. 32% of the medic did vote No! and well done to them.

Dec 13 2006 14:33

Been a while since I was on Live! You guys still dicussing the NUS? This must be 199something or is that 2001?

Dec 13 2006 14:39

Well, we did have the whole NUS referendum thing last month....

7. Pan   
Dec 13 2006 17:00

If they want it that bad, it would then seem more appropriate to only affiliate ICSM with NUS. "Respect our wishes"

8. Sid   
Dec 14 2006 09:35

What would be interesting is to see the turn out in the faculties - because I suspect the Medics probably managed to get more people to vote - they always do.

Dec 14 2006 10:40

Turnout by faculties:

Scientists: 32.62%

Engineers: 32.58%

Medics: 27.60%

Non-Faculty: 14.56%

Dec 15 2006 23:26

It would be interesting to see number rather than percentages.

Dec 16 2006 12:14

Scientists: 1383

Engineers: 1650

Medics: 853

Non-Faculty: 121

Total: 4007

Dec 16 2006 12:35

And people wonder why everyone hates the Medics...

Dec 16 2006 20:37

Seems that the percentages were more interesting than the numbers

Dec 16 2006 21:38

Sour grapes. If almost twice the number of us engineers couldn't effect the result we wanted, then so be it. We don't deserve to be able to moan about the result if only 30-odd percent of us could be bothered to vote.

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