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Lack of Respect?

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Dec 21 2006 15:30

The student arm of "Respect" has hijacked the name of Imperial College Union after twisting the words of the ICU President.

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Dec 21 2006 17:52

Ironic, since the whole of Imperial's NUS affiliation is only a very short step from being just ICU's name in place of a few sabbs' personal support.

Dec 22 2006 10:26

As an addition to this, I have a reply from Colin Smith saying he has permission from John Collins to use the Union's name on the Respect news release.

If you're a union councillor and object, you know who to send an email to...

Dec 22 2006 11:36

2 politically motivated anti-racism motions combined with the enevitable "anti-trident" whinge and whatever the lefties want us to boycott this year?

Will we have any time to discuss slightly more pressing issues such as, say, student funding.

Mr. Collins and Mr Harris have a lot of explaining to do. They tell us they want to reform the NUS then start cooperating with Manchester which is THE most lefty-loony in the country to accept a paper remarkably similar to one that ICU Council has thrown out (twice) on the grounds that it lacked both evidence of any discrimination taking place and the whole-hearted support of the Islamic Society who said that it wasn't as big an issue for them as it was for Miss Royle and her like-minded chums.

4. Tris   
Dec 22 2006 11:45

Of course, this would happen during the holiday when no undergraduate councillors are here to object.

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