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The Year That Will Be ... 2007

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Dec 22 2006 14:03

A mildly incoherent ramble about 2006 and some predictions about 2007.

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1. Pan   
Dec 22 2006 14:44

Re: disappearing buildings.

Compared to the abominations that EE and sherfield are, CivEng is not such a bad building! Actually among all the 60s - 70s IC buildings I always though that civeng was the most presentable!

Dec 22 2006 22:26

I predict a vote of no confidence in one of the sabbs.

Dec 22 2006 23:51

Not a death by hungry goldfish then?

4. cynic   
Dec 23 2006 18:11

just the one?

Dec 25 2006 13:36

Ooh, I like those predictions. They can make the year so much more interesting. When will Beit Quad start issuing citizenship? Will Beit be behind the disappearing of the Big Blue Cube? Can we use the nuclear power for awesome?

Dec 25 2006 20:17

That whisky picture is amazing! So clear and nice and I just want to grab and drink that stuff right now, hmmm I need to get out and do precisely that, i.e get hold of some whisky.

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