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Student Loan Over-Repayments Increase

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Jan 03 2007 12:49

The number of graduates repaying more than their student loans has increased by 100 times since 2001.

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Jan 04 2007 10:54

It's been happening for years. One explanation I heard was something to do with HMRC not actually communicating the amounts to SLC until the end of the tax year, and thusly SLC never knowing how much you owed them until that point in time.

The system is more fundamentally flawed than that though. Surely the amount of debt in this country is having a significant affect upon the economy as a whole? Not just in interest and so forth, but fundamentally as shopping habits, property purchase habits etc change?

We're suppose to just "accept" that to have a degree, and thusly a job (as seemingly it's a prerequisite these days) we must spend the formative years of our career in substantial debt?

Surely the stress of these debts can also be seen to impact upon our studies for said degree? Especially when the loan undoubtly falls short of London living costs, and a lot of students HAVE to take on part time work, despite IC's heavy workload of studies.

It's all wrong. Apprenticships should be reintroduced. More work placements should exist to allow funding during degrees. Sponsorship should be far more widespread, and people shouldn't be pressured into this debt situation.

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