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Furniture for Da Vinci's (Finally!) Arrives

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Jan 05 2007 00:26

The new oak furniture for Da Vinci's was installed on Thursday, an entire term after the refreshed bar opened for business.

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1. mary   
Jan 08 2007 10:35

so from a hospital to wagamammas!


jo(h)n sure is splashing the cash around.

Jan 08 2007 11:02

Next on the list: noodles.

Well, probably Pot Noodles given the usual standards.

Jan 12 2007 02:36

Good to see the change.

But I'm slightly concerned with the end of the article which refers to a mezzanine level in the gym being installed.

Was this in the initial plans, whats the lowdown, and when is this going to take place?

Most of the martial arts clubs were told nothing would happen this year, as the Union were waiting for some non-existent money before starting on the gym!

Jan 12 2007 10:39

Installing a mezzanine in the gym was always in the masterplan (as approved by Council).

The scope of the next phase is: the mezzanine level will be the brand spanking new SAC with the level below becoming a games room, which combines snooker, pool etc. though this floor may stay as an empty flexible space to aid with decant for further phases. There will be a new gym created on the 3rd floor (where the meeting rooms currently are) and the meeting rooms will move to the east basement.

The exact scheduling is still to be determined, but I doubt anything will happen before the end of the academic year.

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