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STOP-PRESS: Mustafa ponders Guilds Abolition

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Jun 01 2001 14:58

The CGCU President-elect, fed up with it all, threatens to throw his towel in.

Jun 01 2001 20:13

Talking about student apathy after over 900 people voted in the C&GCU elections seems a little odd.

Jun 02 2001 19:05

I think they were referring to Mustafa's apathy.

Jun 04 2001 21:24

I deny.

4. Sunil   
Jun 06 2001 11:14

Just 900 out of several thousand students voting IS apathy. How many postgrads voted? How many people would have voted if not literally dragged in to do so by the candidates or their friends?

Jun 06 2001 20:09

Becoming a bit cynical are we Sunil? Is your anti-union stance now extending to ICU? (who had less people voting percentage wise than each CCU!)

6. omg   
Mar 11 2004 21:43

omg. can't believe this moron is our president for another year. what a t**t.

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