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The Great Escape Run

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Jan 18 2007 09:56

On 25th March 2007, Hyde Park will be the venue for a 10k charity run, raising money for two paediatric charities.

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Jan 18 2007 14:28

Would love to get involved but the website doesn't seem to be working!

2. Eric   
Jan 18 2007 15:57

Since when do you run?

Jan 18 2007 20:32

Sounds great. Sign me up!

Jan 18 2007 23:30

This seems like a really fun event, for a great cause. Well done boys & girls!

Jan 24 2007 14:41

You can register at

I am so proud ......... of you!!!!!

Wish I could see you soon but you must be so busy.

Need any tips for hiking along the Great Wall in China?

May 24 2008 10:40

You are wonderful young person. I forsee you a very brillient very young professor.By the way you are good looking as well.

May 27 2008 11:50

Good luck. I admire who are runners. The only time I run is when I'm trying to catch a bus.

May 27 2008 12:04

I think its a great idea and as a hospital play specialist I know how important the work of all who work in medicine is. If there is anything I can do apart from running! Please let me know.

May 27 2008 14:25

Do you guys realise this was 14 months ago....?

May 28 2008 08:46

I wish the run a great success & hope Aakash will keep on doing more good work in the future. Cheers! I wish i could take part (wishful thinking

May 29 2008 06:26

Well done Aakash!! keep it up! we all are so proud of you.

Jun 01 2008 17:48

Hi Akash,

You have acheived something great .Continue your

enthusiasm and good will.

grace auntie

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