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College Agrees PhD London Weighting

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Jan 31 2007 17:52

College is to stop short-changing home and EU PhD students, by paying them the full recommended stipend from August 2007.

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1. Ben   
Jan 31 2007 21:29

Just to be clear:

This will apply to continuing students as well as new students.

Hooray. Perhaps I should go for mathematics after all. Thanks Ben et al.

Feb 01 2007 12:11

So the biggest advance taken by the Union for PhD students in recent years was not presented by the Deputy President (Graduate Students) because she was late?

Anyone see any parallels with and [|]

Well done Ben, at least someone had their eye on the ball (and the alarm clock).

Feb 01 2007 12:14

depending on when the meeting was, it isn't necessarily the dpgs's fault she was late - transport delays happen. of course, if this was a mid-afternoon meeting then there are questions to be answered, but if it was early in the morning then she's not really to blame.

Feb 01 2007 12:39

I'd agree with that, but when one off incidents turn into regular occurances you have to ask yourself whether this is a coincidence or not...

Feb 01 2007 12:49

January Wed 24 09.30 Strategic Education Committee

and it _was_ snowy - I have pictures...

Feb 01 2007 13:05

But if you know you have an extremely important meeting first thing, surely it's usual to leave enough time to, say, go to the tube station, see they're not running and get a bus/cab instead?

Transport delays do indeed happen- frequently enough that for especially important appointments they really should be planned for.

Feb 01 2007 16:54

And isn't it a good job Ben wasn't late?

Well done Ben!!!

9. Seb   
Feb 01 2007 18:47

Interesting question to ask at this juncture, I recieve a CASE award from teh DTi. Part of this goes to Imperial for "extra admin costs". Then some goes to me.

So basicaly I get bumped up to London Weighting and they keep the rest. This works out fairly amicably as CASE is worth something like £5000 a year in total.

Now, if I get Weighting anyway (were I still around), then IC would get the entire CASE award. As it happens, where I work (and there are a few IC students here who will continue), we get naff all admin done for us at all by IC.

So IC will be snaffling a £5000 award from the DTI... anyone dealt with that?

Feb 01 2007 18:56

I remember that day - there was hardly any snow, but the tube was right royally screwed. Looky what I found:

11. ....   
Feb 01 2007 21:15

The 360 bus however runs pretty much door-to-door and was working perfectly well.

If you have an important meeting at 10am (the start time given to the union) and know you're likely to be no-confidenced, you should damn well aim to turn up at least an hour early. The tube wasn't so broken it wasn't possible to arrive within 45 minutes of your target time.

Not a case of deliberate laziness, but perhaps a case of more brain power required to consider the gravity of the situation you are in...

Aug 07 2007 09:36

Well, no pay rise today - all talk, incompetent action from College admin yet again. In the 22 months I've been here they've now stolen nearly ?1,980 from me by underpaying, despite the fact the research council gives them the full amount.

I wonder if we can get back pay?

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