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No Confidence OK; Media Escape Censorship

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Feb 01 2007 14:41

The no confidence motion against the Deputy President (Graduate Students) is to go ahead, with no changes to the motion and press censorship avoided.

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1. Seb   
Feb 01 2007 15:08

"One recommendation was that a no-confidence take place in closed session. Closed session of Council bans non-members from attending, however any student who wishes to attend will still be able to do so unless they have opted out."

Um... no it wasn't.

Feb 01 2007 15:53

Yep, forgot to remove that. Gone now!

Feb 01 2007 18:49



Feb 01 2007 21:08

The editor is very sleepy having not had sufficient shut eye after running around Europe this week, juggling conferences, editing and centenary activities. A public flogging may be arranged for such a ridiculous case of brain fade. The lack of sleep will hopefully be corrected over the weekend, although it cannot be guaranteed.

Anyone wishing to ease the load is welcome to stand for editor at the forthcoming AGM, which shall be announced on this website in the near future.

Feb 03 2007 21:39

I'm surprised there's so few comments on this article.

Feb 03 2007 22:07

well.. it is an esoteric union procedure whose actual purpose is to make a number of union hacks feel important and have no effect to the student body whatsoever. My 2p.

bah... union politics

7. jess   
Feb 04 2007 12:31

HA HA HA HA HA!!!! John Collins wants to censor the student media? That is the BIGGEST JOKE I have EVER HEARD. Well done John, you made my day. What you doing for your next trick? Trying to nail jelly to the ceiling?

It's just as well they have a democracy and not a *complete* tyranny at ICU isn't it.

Feb 04 2007 13:18

Esoteric procedure? Hardly.

The no confidence is the only way you can get rid of a sabb. It means that position will be empty until July. You are firing an elected official, and you are saying: "We don't have any confidence in you." I think it's a pretty big deal.

I honestly don't know when a sabb was last successfully no confidenced, but it must be at least fifteen years - I guess I'll trawl the old paper archives of Felix to see if I can find one. Mustafa, of course, faced one, but that fell apart.

Feb 04 2007 18:28

As Andy noted the position would be open until Juky. At which point surely we can have a look to see if the Deputy President (Graduate Students) position is actually required. Im sure that loads of Postgrads went to the speed dating night??

Surly the money could be used in a better way!!

Feb 04 2007 22:04

Well, that's what they're doing now. Council voted not to elect a DPGS in the upcoming elections.

I have no idea what will happen to the position. From what I understand, it was College that wanted it.

11. Seb   
Feb 05 2007 13:28


To be fair, John did not ask to be able to censor the media. I think he probably wanted to censor the discussion board ('cause as here, legally the union and hence he, is still publisher and liable or any libel, but has no control over content), and only in a very limited way.

12. jess   
Feb 05 2007 14:56

Well I am not surprised, given the number of people who post on these boards who seem to be disgruntled with the way he handles things

13. Seb   
Feb 05 2007 16:02

Well, while the likelyhood of John being sued might be small, and the likelyhood of College not indemnifying him in that case also small, in my oppinion, he's far more likely to be covered if he follows the procedures layed down in the constitution.

Ironicaly, I suspect the court was more created with a mind to making it easier for council to vote in a no-confidence motion against a Sabb... it's supposed to make it hard for john, or any president, to simply do what he wishes and ignore everyone else, yet instead it is being viewed as the reverse. It seems a little unfair.

Incidentaly, I think the court only ever proposed giving him the interim power (until we spoke with the media editors) to remove stuff that was conjecture and speculation, or defamatory regarding the no-cofnidence motion. Not whatever he saw fit.

Feb 05 2007 17:02

"Not whatever he saw fit."

For the record - I didn't do anything with this "interim" power. Nothing was changed from Live! between those meetings.

All a load of fuss over nothing.

15. Seb   
Feb 06 2007 01:19


Indeed, and I was not intending to suggest that you had. Ho hun. Storm in a teacup.

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