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College Email in Turmoil

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Feb 02 2007 17:33

The college email system has started sending old emails to faculty and campus wide email lists.

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Feb 02 2007 18:18

Funny how when my account is at it's size limit so I can't send anything I can still open my mailbox and find hundreds (may be exaggerating a little) of old emails in my account. Well at least it makes me feel popular. And I would love to buy a ticket to the 2006 CGCU Freshers Ball.... I hear it went quite well!

Feb 02 2007 18:46

It's gratifying that post-graduate students have finally received an e-mail informing us about the opportunity to vote in the NUS referendum, but doesn't this call the democratic process into question?

Feb 02 2007 19:18

To the hundreds of students who have written to me complaining about this:

I wasn't even in London when this happened!

Please send your grievances to ICT.

4. ...   
Feb 02 2007 19:21

I graduated last year and still get emails inviting me to vote in elections, etc.

Feb 02 2007 19:26

To those who have left:

We removed hundreds of ex-students' emails from the lists at the start of the year but it is apparent that a few have not been removed.

Most Union Newsletter emails have an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the message. Simply click there and follow the instructions to remove yourself from the list.

Feb 04 2007 02:23

What if you don't want to unsubscribe and you are automatically?

Feb 04 2007 12:10


I toooooold you all!! But did you listen?!?!?! NO!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the sky is falling on our heads!!!

Feb 05 2007 01:42

the internets are broken!!1111oneone

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