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Imperial facing home student shortage

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Jun 04 2001 22:16

Lack of school-leavers with science A-Levels turning into a "national crisis".

1. eddie   
Jun 05 2001 08:31

Isnt this just going to get worse? the government is pushing post GCSE for people to study many different subjects but only half as indepth as a'levels. This system makes it ecen harder to do stuff like a double maths a'level.

Enough other places offer 'foundation courses' maybe the future of *all* science and technology institutions is to have to do ititial courses (maybe called A'Levels) to make people a standard suitable for the traditional engineering degree.

I have often thought the extra specialisation in this county at age 16 was what makes our degree courses significantly shorter than other countries....

Jun 05 2001 09:15

What I find interesting about this article, is that the Mathematics Department was putting up its entry standards, not lowering them, only a couple of years ago. Departments like Biology had a much higher than expected intake, only last year because of improving results. I suspect there may be more behind this than the obvious "crap A-Level students".

3. stef   
Jun 05 2001 10:52

In addition to the problem with physics and maths teachers, there also maybe a future problem with chemistry teachers on the horizon.

There are, from what I and others can see, many aspects to the drop in student applicants. The lack of students taking key science subjects at A Level probably contributes. Other points possibly include league tables, the London factor, hardship and weaker students who wouldn't get in not applying.

If anyone has any suggestions about encouraging application and recruitment they can speak to Tim Clark (provost of Wye and from 1st August Pro Rector Admissions). He is taking views from as many people as possible.

Jun 05 2001 12:18

How about they don't treat students like shit? That should do it...

5. jon   
Jun 05 2001 14:14

Exactly! They're all MUPPETS!

BTW andy. I am surprised. You are most defniterly not a muppet.

Jun 05 2001 23:13

Why, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me!


7. hmmm   
Jun 06 2001 15:53

may be he means you are more of a fragle

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