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Sabbatical Candidates: Manifestos

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Feb 19 2007 13:02

Manifestos for the remaining 16 candidates running for sabbatical positions.

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Feb 19 2007 13:11

The slate!

These kids are priceless. I can't wait to see them get torn to shreds at hustings.

Feb 19 2007 14:02

This is Amazing! Quote from Ms Spillard

"I would like to improve catering within the College; I am keen to keep the privately run RSM café, where food is cheaper and tastier than in equivalent College owned outlets such as in Da Vinci's."

College owned outlets such as in DaVincis. This, for president

Feb 19 2007 14:04

Since when is kensington the West End?

Feb 19 2007 14:57

To slate sceptic -

See you there :-P

Feb 19 2007 15:11

poor sophie, she riddle her manifesto with errors. quite a promising candidate until she decided to place imperial a few miles off the map and gave some of our profits to college...

ignorance is bliss, she should give up now before she ridicules herself

Feb 19 2007 17:11

Waterstones shut down? That's a bit of an embarassment. The Union shop on the walkway used to be the campus bookstore until the college decided to put it out to tender, with Waterstones ultimately being awarded the contract at the Union's expense.

Maybe this has been discussed elsewhere and I've just missed it....

Feb 19 2007 17:18

sophie's hot which is more can be said for the other candidates!

Feb 19 2007 21:13

Erm, what difference does it make whether she's hot?

Seriously, what would she do for the union? Make it compulsory for all the sabbs to have chiuauas in bags? She doesn't have a clue, I bet she thinks quorum is something you get in Linda McCartney ready meals...

Feb 19 2007 21:21

Oh I'm not so sure - Mr Cott's facial hair gets me going.....

10. Ant   
Feb 19 2007 23:14

If you ask Cineworld then Kensington is within the West End. After all Fulham Road and Chelsea are on its list of premium rate cinemas.

As a random observation on cinemas I did notice that Hammersmith Cineworld does have a sign saying NUS Discount only, they never did that at Fulham Road i noticed...

Feb 19 2007 23:22

on a lighter note


i'm curious as to what people who read LIVE! discussions think will happen

Feb 20 2007 07:38

President - Steve Brown

DPFS - Chris Larkin

DPEW - Kirsty

DPCS - Alastair

Felix - Emily Lines

Any other offers?

Feb 20 2007 08:03

President - Jon/Steve (tough call)

DPFS - Chris Larvin

DPEW - Kirsty

DPCS - Alistair

Felix - Emily Lines

Feb 20 2007 08:19

Mmmmmm.... pancakes!

Feb 20 2007 12:14

My thoughts:

1. While we're arguing about who owns what, the Holland Club isn't union-owned, and shouldn't really even be open to PGs. Plus the guy running it isn't really very friendly. So good luck to Diogo in his quest for hot snacks.

2. Stella is frankly p***.

3. Stephen Brown would be my first choice for President, but to be honest I'm a little worried by the fact that he was part of the team that managed to lose the NUS referendum - something I thought would be impossible even given some of the dodgy goings-on... As long as he doesn't rename the union MUDFLAP or something we'll probably be OK though.

16. sophie   
Feb 20 2007 15:08

clearly its sophie for pres! put up a pic that shows how hot you are and you'll win hands down. it is time we had someone attractive and fun as a union sabb

Feb 20 2007 15:50

Sophie - get yourself a full frontal page 3 in Felix and I guarantee you'll win the election hands down. I think you would be brilliant as the Pres. It's about time we get some real people into the Union. Any students with half a mind should vote for a president with half a mind.

18. jess   
Feb 20 2007 16:50

... don't the holland club already serve hot snacks? i was sure they sold pies and paninis...

and no, phd students arent allowed in there. only staff.

and kevin is VERY friendly.

Feb 20 2007 16:58

Hmmm, PhD students aren't allowed in the Holland Club? That will come as a disappointment to the people from my group who have been drinking in there for years...

Feb 20 2007 17:56

They also allow undergraduates if they are from a group that has previously sought permission eg. orchestras and darts players...

Feb 20 2007 18:42

In fact I'm pretty sure that only support staff (i.e. not academic staff) are allowed in there. Luckily this rule is normally (but not always) carefully ignored.

Jess you are showing your age - The Holland Club stopped serving hot food about a year ago. If you ignore the hot nuts that is...

Feb 20 2007 23:49

Mr Brown is an independent minded individual. But I reckon that renaming the Union "MUDFLAP" is probably not on his list of priorities/wishes.

Feb 21 2007 01:35

Mr Diogo looks like the most abissmal choice for Pres. Mr Brown would just be a miserable bast*rd who would bring a reign of terror across the whole of Gimperial. Dr Spillard would change things for the better, definately. Mr Gonzalles, well when did we all turn 50 years old, for goodness sake. Lets get real.

Feb 21 2007 16:00

I think word of mouth missed out one candidate... Would you care to express an opinion on Mr Matthews?

25. jess   
Feb 21 2007 17:43

yes, i'm "well old"

and ashley, shh, you arent actually allowed in. i think kevin just puts up with you

26. order?   
Feb 24 2007 15:57

whats with the ordering? def not alphabetic...

27. ;)   
Feb 24 2007 17:04

Brown, Geraldes, Giannuzzi, Matthews, Spillard.

Which alphabet are you referring to?

Feb 24 2007 18:31

Roberts, Lines, Sinclair?

Feb 24 2007 18:50

I believe those were sorted using the "c**k-up" alphabet. It was quite widely used by Felix last year (all those interesting spellings were not mistakes, just re-interpretations of the alphabet).

Feb 25 2007 22:54

So which elections are shaping up to be proper contests? Last year was boring.

Feb 26 2007 10:33


Feb 26 2007 11:55

If the "normal" students in the running mobilise their supporters, I think some of these elections could turn out to be very interesting indeed.

If they get apathetic and turnout doesn't increase, then its probably a foregone conclusion...

Feb 26 2007 11:55

And the bug which was stopping some posts going on to Live! is now fixed...

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