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Eggsplosive Finish to Aerodynamics Challenge

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Mar 07 2007 18:16

The CGCU egg race had an eggsplosive finish, with very few eggs making it out alive.

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Mar 07 2007 21:55

The current fashion is to no-confidence a bad officer, isn't it? Well, get to it!

Mar 07 2007 22:13

Already on it...

3. Tris   
Mar 08 2007 02:29

It was an eggstremely competition, with some eggcelent entries and some medyolker ones too - and some entries were just complete yolks.

Omletting you know that I hate to be neggative, and I don't want my message scrambled, so look sunny side up everyone, and an eggstra special thank you to Nick and Ashley for arranging an eggstra special event. The credit won't go to anyone else, ovum-y dead body!

4. Tris   
Mar 08 2007 02:31

Sorry, mistype the first sentence. I meant "It was an eggstremely eggciting competition...".

Mar 08 2007 09:03

Don't thank me, Nick did all the work, I just gave him a hand at the end when no-one else from Guilds turned up...

Mar 08 2007 10:05

Well done Tris, that many puns in one post has got to be a record.

Mar 08 2007 11:54

Don't forget to thank Eirini - who went out of her way to get the materials from Homebase and Grisman who helped get all the teams sorted and food bought!

8. Tris   
Mar 08 2007 16:57

albumeaning to apologise for that...

Mar 09 2007 13:05

Just dont get JC involved in another guilds no confidence ;-)

Who sponsored the egg race this year?

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