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CGCU Manifestos - Executive

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Mar 11 2007 16:20

Manifestos for the top CGCU positions for 2007-2008, including President, the Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary and Academic Affairs Officers.

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Mar 11 2007 20:13

Gessenneck has used EXACTLY the same manifesto as last year - what a joke, is this guy for real? See from last year!!!!!

Mar 11 2007 20:17

the second AAO candidate has missed the mark, departmental libraries have stopped being closed and a maths course overhaul is about to happen, know what he is talking about does he?

Mar 11 2007 20:32

Ha ha, I wonder if he still thinks Centenary year is next year?


Mar 11 2007 21:46

Well done Joseph Jezic von Gesseneck! You managed to talk complete s**t for the second year running.

5. pg   
Mar 11 2007 21:46

Well, it's not that hard when you submit the same manifesto, is it?

Mar 11 2007 22:10

Von Bulls**t

I find myself greatly contending your comments. What exactly do you purport to contribute to the university? It is my strong belief that you know nothing of what you speak. That being the definitive case, may I respectfully suggest that you....SOD OFF YOU MUPPET.

Mar 11 2007 23:32

Dear all,

I have used EXACTLY the same manifesto from last year to emphasize as much as possible that my position on the key issues remains EXACTLY the same as last year. You are very eager to ridicule me, but I would like to arrange a debate or some discussion during which you can evaluate me thoroughly before jumping to conclusions.

Not being a CGCU officer this past year, I am really disappointed that I have found it virtually impossible to join in organizing your activities this year despite discussions with Mr. Fok. But I remain convinced that I have more than the qualities required for the position.

It is unfortunate that only the most active members of the CGCU will care to vote. And you will choose to vote safely. But I encourage you to consider a facelift from someone with a fresh perspective rather than the stale prejudices of longer servitude to the cause.

It has been very difficult to reach the core of our CGCU. Reach into me so that I may reach into you. Please do not be so brash in your judgment, but rather recommend how I can subject myself to your most thorough review. What you miss today, you may never have tomorrow. Have a bite of the apple.


Mar 12 2007 00:00

2 things...

1) If the manifesto didn't work last year, would it not have been a good idea to change it for this year?

2) Any idiot that read your manifesto would have known the Centenary celebration things are not next year! How can Guilds have a President who simply cuts/pastes instead of doing some original work?


Mar 12 2007 00:10

Based on the sabb manifestos and these manifestos (and general hustings word banter) next years buzz word is:

  • Transparency


Mar 12 2007 01:32

gesseneck never ceases to amaze me - his manifesto could be for any position in the Union, with a few word changes. If he didn't find any guilds activities this year he must be blind - I saw plenty of posters about the place.

also, how can anyone who thinks a good manifesto is one immaturely riddled with innuendoes, be taken seriously as a FU president?

Mar 12 2007 10:36

Yay, buzzword bingo! We could sell it at the Union shop.

Mar 12 2007 10:59

Do you think it will be as hot a seller as the chess sets?

13. pedant   
Mar 12 2007 15:59

"How can Guilds have a President who simply cuts/pastes instead of doing some original work?"

Do you think he should have Harvard referenced himself like academics are meant to when refering to a previous body of work? Can we take him down for plagarism?

14. anon   
Mar 12 2007 16:17

self plagiarism... against college policy!

Mar 12 2007 18:17

You are talking about someone who has undegraduate credit at Harvard. I remind you, however, that we're at Imperial... Instead of searching for technical flaws, I suggest you instead attack me directly on the relevant issues!


Mar 12 2007 19:43

I think people would like a Guilds President who can spell...


17. Griz   
Mar 12 2007 22:47

I would like to point out that the picture used of me was not one i submitted and hence shows a somewhate ambiguous expression. Appologies to all those who suffered in the form of broken screens or any reflective surfaces that my mug may have reflected onto breaking.

Mar 12 2007 23:10

I'm fairly sure your submitted photo looked something like this:

Mar 13 2007 13:45

Dear Von Gesseneck

I suggest very cordially you employ your useful time ( I nkow you can't have much seeing as you cant even write a new manifesto) in other activites far away from CGCU. (Please take no offence if I suggest Nepal) First of all mate, learn a big truth about life by understanding that big words don't make you any more mature or older, you're still a youngster full of bulls**t. It doesnt matter how many times you use the thesaurus you still know f**k all about the running of the office. Second of all, it is imperative that a president is respected and known, last time I checked no-one knows who you are (probably works in your favour this time though) I shall remind you that the work of a president does not only extend as far as the office, but also to liaise with other entities.... something I am sure you don't have a clue how to do! I am not taking the p*** out of you(well not too much) but just trying to make you see what a fool you are; get on with your degree, stop f**king around with elections and find a job to make you happy. Next time you wish to contribute to CGCU either come to our events, or for a start learn some humility and start by applying for a position of calibre, you need to earn respect before you can play with the big guns.

Yours Sincerely

Current member or Exec

Mar 13 2007 13:45

"The CGCU, albeit structurally rigid"


"As each faculty thrusts its ideas forth, I propose no withdrawal."


"...allowing us all to remain on top of the issues..."


"There lies exciting potential for initiatives in the penetration of the inexhaustible issues..."

Ooh err, missus, etc.

"...we will climax to some fantastically palpable results, bringing to fruition the cumulative efforts of years past."

I think I need a cold shower.

21. Seb   
Mar 13 2007 17:56

You missed foreplay...

Mar 13 2007 23:39

That's always been my problem.

Mar 14 2007 09:38

"Reach into me so that I may reach into you. "

"What you miss today, you may never have tomorrow."

"Have a bite of the apple."

What is this guy on?!

24. Editor   
Mar 14 2007 10:26

Please note that Baber Pervez has withdrawn from the presidential election and Yoke Thye has withdrawn from VPFS.

Jun 27 2007 00:06

Withdrawn from the election?

hahah.. i'm sure you're not referring to little ole me.

I live in Canada man.

[email protected]

write me...


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