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Man Shot at Loughborough Union

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Mar 12 2007 00:15

A man was shot in the early hours of Sunday morning at Loughborough Students Union, with six other people also taken to hospital.

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Mar 12 2007 00:30

It would have to be Nottingham... I wonder if I know him. In fact we're probably related...

First thing anyone asks when you say you are from Nottigham is 'Have you ever been shot at?'

And yes...

2. Tom E   
Mar 12 2007 15:38

This is absolutely tragic, and a real shock to anyone, who "knew" that Loughborough was the sort of place that this just didn't happen.

No doubt there will be an investigation that turns up a number of questions about how the event was handled, in particular how the CS Gas and the gun ever got in in the first place.

Mar 12 2007 15:51

well, cruising through facebook profiles of my sibling at L'bro, it appears that the police have already begun interviewing some witnesses.

4. Ant   
Mar 12 2007 16:46

"in particular how the CS Gas and the gun ever got in in the first place."

I'm guessing they got in through the door. Why does the media always become so shocked and surprised when items like this get into places. Lets face it bag searches, metal detectors and full body pat downs are not the norm in most venues throughout the country, and especially student union ran/managed venues.

5. jess   
Mar 12 2007 20:16

i spoke to my good friend, who's at looga, and he says the guy who got shot is in hospital but is going to be fine. SO YOU KNOW.

who cares how the gun got in the union, in my opinion how it even got in the country is a complete mystery to me. guns = bad

Mar 12 2007 23:27

It's nice to see how seriously union security are now taking threatening behaviour. Possibly in light of this incident. Tonight a drunken eejit threatened to knife one of my friends in the face because he thought a perfectly harmless conversation we were having was us making fun of him (it certainly wasn't). After informing one of the stewards, as the guy was getting quite aggressive and we were just trying to have a quiet pint, we were suddenly surrounded by NINE security guards. A little excessive me thinks but the concern was welcome all the same...

Mar 13 2007 22:11

It just goes to show the importance of security at clubs, even ones that you may consider "safe". Unfortunately it takes something like this to open peoples eyes.

Mar 14 2007 00:08

Does anyone actually give a s**t what Kirsty says?


Just do us all a favour and keep off Live!

Haven't you got a degree to do? Or are you intent on failing so you never become a Sabb?

9. ...   
Mar 14 2007 05:39

Don't you know she's a second year geologist? There's really not much to, does anyone actually give a s**t what you think?

Just do us all a favour and keep off Live!.

Mar 15 2007 10:36

kidda wot nite hey, the fight was sick, well worth ?8.00

11. bob   
Mar 14 2009 10:51

I wonder if it was that mental fat bloke who wanders around the town centre all day with a gun in his bag waiting for someone to look at him funy.

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