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Residents Continue Library Objections

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Mar 19 2007 23:26

Residents in the £100,000 per year Alexandra Court are continuing their objections to the library refurbishment.

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Mar 19 2007 23:38

Ms Roe also appears to be a Govenor of Imperial College, accoring to the register of interests.

Mar 20 2007 00:23

Tell the people from Alexandra Court to spend a hour - or half an hour, I'm not fussy - in the library on a hot day.

They'll soon be crying for a G&T and their little Filipino slave-boy with a fan made from the woven hair of rare-breed Himalayan yaks...

Mar 20 2007 09:02

why don't we just protest outside alexandra court? some banners, some big signs saying s**t like "can you stand the heat" or whatever until they shutup.

i hate rich a-holes

4. Geek   
Mar 20 2007 13:26

but the library is already the coolest place to be.......

5. Griz   
Mar 20 2007 14:05

I think a protest is in order.....

Mar 20 2007 14:08

We don't want to put them in a bad mood if we can get lots of letters of support.

Of course, if it still fails, then a protest might prove the point. Perhaps setting up a "library" just outside their gates would be enlightening for them.

Mar 20 2007 17:09

rich c u n t s!

Mar 20 2007 17:37

How can we set up a "library" outside the gates? Hire a load of sunbeds, and leave them open? Hire one of the militarys cool new microwave trucks? Sleep on the floor in a pile of our own filth? The possibilities are endless!

Apr 02 2007 17:22

This is the new planning application which needs your support: 07/02140/FULL

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