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NUS Conference

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Mar 25 2007 18:51

What on earth are your delegates going to be doing at conference?

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Mar 26 2007 18:37

Day One (27th March)

* 07:00 - 11:30: Travel to Blackpool

Day Three (29th March)

* 09:00 - 14:00 Session Six

So - they're not actually planning on coming back then ...

Mar 26 2007 19:56


(Luke Skywalker inpression inserted here)

Feb 02 2008 17:56

I'm half way through reading this years motions, kill me, kill me now!

On the odd occasion a Union propose something with potential, they seak in some absurd resolution, it's almost like they are baiting moderate Unions saying "you can have sensible views but only if you pander to our crazy ones".

Let me guess if we don't except this we're all right-wing fascists?

Feb 04 2008 19:15

The current motions process favours short related topics which then get expanded on at the Amendments stage. Partly this is why some of the motions have multi-topics. Over half those motions will not be recogniseable come the drafting commission meeting which chops them all up with the amendments and produces the final motions document.

The proposed Zone Committees under the proposed governance changes will ease this considerably, but will each silver lining, I foresee at least one cloud attached.

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