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Research Centre Heading to Silwood

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Apr 01 2007 00:31

A new telescope is to be built at Silwood as part of a departmental reshuffle.

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Apr 01 2007 00:46

April Fool.

Apr 01 2007 01:17

damn i wanted to be the first one to say that.

surely you can come up with a more convincing story Ashley? necromancer?

Apr 01 2007 01:24

As Governor of San Seriffe I am extremely disappointed that Imperial has abandoned its programme of investment for the observatories on Mount Kern.

We have offered tax (and page) breaks to encourage astrology research and bio-thaumaturgical investment in our islands. Despite the world-class Navel Observatory facilities on Mount Kern, Imperial has sadly decided to reject our bid.

Apr 01 2007 17:25

Live! has, indeed, seen this document - marked confidential - and it has been presented to a meeting with high-level management, which the ICU President attended.

This article is a true reflection of the content of the document, which refers to the disposition of the necromancer after the relocation it proposes.

Apr 01 2007 21:44

Even worse than the traditional Google hoax this year... And we all know that the Google one was a pile of s**t.

Apr 01 2007 22:02

What? Both the Google ones were funny. They put more effort into their hoaxes than some people/companies put into their real products...

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