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Library Hotter than Mauritius

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Apr 16 2007 20:26

It's 30°C, but not outside - Level 5 of the library is hotter than Mauritius, well above the recommended working temperature.

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Apr 16 2007 22:21

And people have been asking me why I'm revising in the nice air conditioned bar across the road, with ample space outside to top up your tan and drink Pimms... mmmm... Pimms...

Apr 16 2007 23:57

Perhaps the DPEW-elect could make a more useful comment?

Apr 17 2007 02:01

Hmm.. unlikely going by her previous record of posts on Live!

Apr 17 2007 08:30

Useful comments:

  • Follow this link to a very informative page on the Union Website inviting you to support the Planning Application on the City of Westminster Planning Departments Website,143,ICUNS.html. Ben Harris DPEW has also provided you with a model letter if you would prefer to use snail mail. Other important stuff like the Planning Reference Number can also be found on this page.
  • In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine! Revise outdoors! Maybe even on the lovely new grass in the quad while supporting The Union?s commercial services.

Right that is enough being useful I am off to drink tea and shuffle revision notes.

Apr 17 2007 08:37

Actually on second thoughts that isn't useful at all given that the Planning Application the link refers to is no longer valid.

The only suggestion I can make is get hold of one of those leaflets that will be handed out in library (if you can stand the heat) because information on the Union Website appears to be out of date.

Apr 17 2007 18:06

I recomend the Biochemistry Staff Common Room on Level 7 Biochemistry.

Air conditioned, staff hardly ever use it, and has a balcony overlooking the SK campus :D

Apr 19 2007 21:22

Tried to use the central library today to revise and none of the levels with 'silent' work areas were habitable. People working in there were visibly sweating. The situations is a bit of a joke to be honest.

Can't they stop wasting time with this ""external solar shading" and just fit an air-conditioning system with enough capacity to cool the building. I'm sure they won't need planning permission for that.

Apr 19 2007 22:04

They need planning permission to fit the relevant plant on the roof (a chiller unit is included as part of the refurbishment plans). It also requires acoustic shielding so as not to disturb the neighbours.

EVERYTHING seems to need planning permission, even my suggestion to the sabbs that we write a sarcastic message on the windows facing Alexandra Court would probably require it.

Apr 20 2007 11:54

It does amuse me somewhat that there's an advert for cooling systems at the top of this page as I read.

Jan 20 2008 09:15

when the temp is high, it helps that the humidity is low. it helps your body to get rid of the heat better.

Apr 16 2008 13:14

What a difference a year makes. 30 degrees would be nice right now.

Feb 18 2010 16:40

More sensationalist reporting from Lawrence Weetman.

Try being less dramatic! Psht.

13. @12   
Feb 18 2010 16:54

Weetman didn't write this!! was he even at Imperial when this was written?

14. @13   
Feb 18 2010 16:58

Lawrence's melodrama transcends time. Besides, have you ever seen him and Ashely Brown in the same room at the same time?

Feb 18 2010 17:00

That photo looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and seeing quite a few shops in my time.

16. Flower   
Feb 19 2010 08:28

A reminder that they sorted this out when they re-furbished the library.

An appeal not to feed the trolls.

Feb 19 2010 11:24

Trolls get hungry too

Feb 21 2010 20:06


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