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Rector Sends Condolences to Virginia Tech

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Apr 18 2007 13:07

Sir Richard Sykes has sent a message to Virginia Tech's President, Charles Steger, expressing the "sincere condolences" of Imperial College.

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Apr 19 2007 13:36

Having just returned from the US, the funniest thing over there at the moment is the suggestions of arming Professors and lecturers...I don't trust some of my lectures with a dry-wipe pen let alone a handgun...

Apr 19 2007 13:54

The basis of that suggestion comes from the belief by many that had VT staff and students been allowed to carry guns, the guy would've been killed before he did as much damage.

The counter argument is that you could have several 'heroes' shooting at each other by mistake, causing more death and destruction than otherwise.

If you assume that professors are less likely to shoot the place up and give them guns, it means you know who NOT to shoot at, removing the counter-argument.

Of course if they didn't let a guy who'd been referred to a mental unit buy a gun then there wouldn't have been a problem in the first place.

Apr 19 2007 20:11

Good to hear the Rector's done this on our behalf... this shooting has really made me feel awful the past couple days, utterly horific.

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