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Exec Approves Guilds Budget Allocation

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May 16 2007 13:43

This afternoon the executive committee approved the Guilds budget, but wanted punishment for the VPFS.

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1. Alex   
May 16 2007 14:07

I seem to have become Tristan. Sort it out Ash lol.

2. hak   
May 16 2007 14:13

Much Ado about Nothing, at the end of the day.

Who are Guilds VPA and Welfare Officer? Do they read Live! at all?

May 16 2007 14:25

Note to self: proof read the captions too.

VPA: Borja Sordo

Welfare Officer: Emma Persky, who was thrown off exec for not turning up or sending apologies consistently (but did find time to go to the NUS LGBT conference)

4. Hmm.   
May 16 2007 14:53

"not only the VPFS but also the VPA and Welfare Officer"

No mention of the president- i.e. the one ultimately responsible to ICU for Guilds' finances?

5. Tris   
May 16 2007 22:24

You can complain as much as you like about official responsibility, but this is about the reality of events. Boon was the weak link in the budgeting chain.

May 16 2007 22:32

Goodbye ;)

May 29 2007 11:23

who can blame emma for not going to exec? who cares about exec??? her interests are in LGBT, so thats what she should be spending her time doing. not associating with people who like to talk for hours about nothing and hear their own voices.

8. Hmm.   
May 29 2007 12:11

I think they are referring to ICU Exec- which Emma stood for, through choice, as an OM. If you don't care about ICU Exec don't stand for OM!

May 29 2007 15:54

She shouldn't be spending her time doing LGBT, she should be spending her time doing the job she was elected to and stood for: looking after the welfare of engineers (who are not all LGBT).

She also stood for a position on ICU Exec which she also failed to turn up for.

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