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Gulix Special Issue Appears

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May 18 2007 10:25

A special issue of a strange publication called Gulix has appeared around campus, where Felix used to be.

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1. matty   
May 18 2007 16:44

gulix was far too nice to be funny. i was hoping for proper insults and defamatory comments but it was just full of quips. how english.

2. hum   
May 20 2007 20:41

Indeed, a very very tame issue of Gulix. Where was the verve, the bite that Gulix had in the days of vore? Perhaps this year's sabb team have been too professional and switched on for a truly incisive parody. I feel that the poor leadership and infighting occuring in the Union could have been made more of. John Collins' poor leadership should have been mentioned.

This is the trouble with ICU this year. John Collins has achieved much as an undergrad politician, but lacks the charisma or basic people management skills to be an effective leader of men at the highest levels. Similarly, the CGCU and RCSU Presidents are good organisers, great workhorses when they put their minds to it - but fall way short as leaders of their Unions. RCSU has dominated over CGCU not due to leadership, but quality of elected Officers.

However, I am optimistic for next year. Steve Brown has the charisma and vision to lead a decent sabb team and CGCU and RCSU will be A-OK.

So chin up everyone, and hopefully this time next year we'll see a decent issue of Felix every week, and Gulix will be ever more tame. Huzzah!

May 20 2007 21:08

i don't agree...

you can't place the success of a FU on one person, but equally without a decent leader you can have the greatest team underneath you and not know what to do with it

4. Gulix   
May 20 2007 21:22

Fear not, this special issue of Gulix was just a gentle dig at Felix not appearing - a proper Gulix is still slated for the end of term.

5. ?-=   
May 24 2007 23:08

Does the swear filter still work?

sam sharpe

mustafa arif

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