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Union Colours 2007

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Jun 13 2007 23:22

In a hack-studded ceremony this evening the union presented colours to those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty this year.

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1. jess   
Jun 14 2007 00:04

finally someone is recognised for their repeated and genuine committal to commercial services! well done james, you absolutely deserve it.

i would, however, like to please just point out that james huo was in fact a building steward - a small point, but then again surely nobody would be short-sighted enough to imagine that bar stewards worked long hours or over and above what they were expected to do in their job description.

many thanks

Jun 14 2007 09:42

honorary life membership for andy sykes? even though he couldn't be bothered to publish the past few weeks? dubious.

3. jokes   
Jun 14 2007 11:09

this is a joke. half these people have done sweet FA and if you asked 10 random students if they knew 90% of the people on this list they'd say "who wtf?".

and to add to "not fair"'s comment. andy sykes receiving any gratitude for the most unpopular felix (when it still was being published and he hadn't gone a tree-saving spree) is just stupid. his salary should've been rescinded a long time ago.

4. Hmm.   
Jun 14 2007 12:28

Colours are for doing the work, which does not necessarily involve self-promotion. OK, so many students probably don't know most of these people's names- but would notice if they stopped what they do for the Union, if their club stopped running, if their academic experience deteriorated because there were no reps to flag up issues, if the services they like to moan about were no longer there at all. It is partly because these people are not famous (and several of the citations for the top awards explicitly mentioned modesty) that the Union uses colours to acknowledge them once a year. OK, "jokes", maybe you didn't get the award you think you deserved (often this is just because no nomination was received)- but try reading the citations before calling other people undeserving.

Jun 14 2007 21:42

My first response at "6 years since the last distinguished fellowship" was oh-dear-god-it-doesn't-seem-that-long. So I've just checked the tankard, and I was awarded one in 2003. So even if no-one haa been awarded any since, that's still only a more modest 4 years...

Jun 14 2007 23:16

If you submit a paper to Council next year you could try and get any of the above awards (except President's Award as this has nothing to do with Council) revoked. Just like Rupert got an Honorary Life Membership, I'm sure they can take one away. Also I'm pretty sure if I went round campus asking people if they knew who "jokes" was, they'd instruct me vacate their personal space. Anonymity and non-constructive comments will never enamour yourself to anyone, especially at a time when we are congratulating selfless service to the Union. Also Council deliberated over all of the prizes so I'm sure they had their reasons - I will welcome the decision if Council decides to rescind my colours.

The only contentious thing I noticed is that all recipients of the President's Award are paid members of staff (for various institutions) but whatever.

7. matty   
Jun 14 2007 23:21

Well... not so much welcome the decision but accept it, I like my new tie.

Jun 15 2007 00:09

Oliver - the Union President telling fibs to make his administration look like they've done something special is hardly novel is it... ;)

Jun 15 2007 00:16

Hamish is a paid member of staff of an organisation, but has given a lot of his free time to volunteer for the union.

The other recipients are paid by their respective organisations to do the job they were doing, but have definitely gone beyond what was required of them.

Jun 15 2007 11:01

It's certainly less controversial than the whole Sabbatical team (big S) recieving Presidents Award last year:

I refer you to

Section E, 17&18 (she also gave out 6 if memory serves)

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