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Heeps on Monday - 18?06?01

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Jun 18 2001 14:45

IQ ? Drink ? Dancing ? A few home grown prejudices ? Hungover

Jun 18 2001 15:06

What on earth have you got on your head in that photo, Andy?

Jun 18 2001 15:11

It's a mortar board - I think!

Either that, or somebody's done a "Hannibal" on me...

Jun 18 2001 15:20

I have been corrected. IQ is the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender society (not just LGB); I have also been urged to point out that IQ provided lots of sweeties, including Love Hearts which were very nice. Did nothing to help that double chin tho, eh?

4. Rob   
Jun 18 2001 16:45

I'm sure they helped that double chin along nicely

Jun 18 2001 17:01

I personally prefer Cola Bottles...

6. stef   
Jun 18 2001 17:11

It is the mortar board from my office, and someone took it home at the end of the night, and thus I am now mortarless


Jun 19 2001 13:20

By the way, I'm available as a minor celebrity for weddings, bar mitzvahs and funerals, as well as other Union stuff - I'll even write about it here!!!


8. stef   
Jun 19 2001 17:57

As a minor celeb will you be doing holiday programmes as well?

Jun 19 2001 20:40

How about the London to Brighton veteran car run?

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