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Court Orders Election Re-run

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Jul 05 2007 00:12

The GSA elections will be re-run after the ICU Court ruled they were unfair and sacked the returning officer.

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1. An0n   
Jul 05 2007 05:09

fun, fun, fun...... who's going to be the RO of this new election then? I hope they manage to run it right this time around!

Logical decision, and for the right reason too. Complain if you like about the uber-hacks on Court, but they do know their s**t.

Jul 05 2007 13:17

I think a lot of hard working, competent hacks are going to be glad they're on holiday at the moment so they can't be asked...

Jul 06 2007 23:45

I'm good! Just ask anyone at ULU any candidate you like! I love democracy - I have the last say! No bleeding court! Disgrace! It isn't omnipotent!

Jul 11 2007 12:18

This article now includes a PDF of the ICU Court determination.

Jul 14 2007 09:45

I love Court. This makes perfect reading for a Baltic hangover. I think an issue we should look at is that this was allowed to happen with an election over which there has been so much discussion, we need to get this graduate rep thing right, and twice we?ve failed.

The other time being with the creation of the GPGS, I am personally very glad that this post is abolished, it just didn?t work. And I doubt the GSA is going to work this year, it is hard to believe that the voter turnout will increase dramatically.

6. yoyo   
Jul 16 2007 11:03

does anybody wonder if this election wouldn't have been rerun if it hadn't have been sir jon matthews-esq. FRS FRENG FRoftheworld, pro golf, cricket and polo player, first human to climb everest blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back, survived a 200mph bike accident and completed the tour de france "just for fun one boring three weeks in november"-who won the election?

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