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Jason planning Theta raid

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Jun 19 2001 18:55

RCS President intending to revive mascotry at Kings.

Jun 19 2001 19:55

That's an absolutely awful photo of me! Come on guys declare spanner violate as well!

Jun 19 2001 20:44

You think that's a bad photo? We've got plenty more where that come from!

And don't worry. We'll find some use for them.


Jun 20 2001 18:42


Whoever has spanner at the moment... be on your guard. A reliable source has leaked details of an swift recapture operation. Don't leave us mascotless!

Jun 20 2001 19:02

I doubt it. Spanner is inviolate, and unlike Guilds RCS plays by the rules in mascotry.

Jun 20 2001 19:38

wot? like breaking an entry into the Bo' garage?

Jun 20 2001 19:50

What "breaking" ? Are you telling me something was broken? Nothing was broken (else I'd would have heard of it) . So in fact the allegation is only "entering", to retrieve a _violate_ mascot.

Jun 20 2001 20:02

An illegal entry all the same.

Jun 20 2001 20:38

Really? First its breaking and entering now illegal entry. I am tired of rehearsing these arguments, but it wasn't illegal entry if they didn't have any intention of damage or theft. (I just know some idiot is going to point out that there were planning on taking Spanner and Bolt - but that isn't theft, Dinesh had already signed a document agreeing they were violate). I can just tell this is going to get really boring...

Jun 20 2001 20:48

Ever heard of trespass?

Jun 20 2001 20:57

As I predicted - rather boring. Its not "breaking and entering", its not "illegal entry", but now its trespass. Are we cycling through all the possibilities here? Why don't you go and speak to a lawyer (or even Hamish) first?

Trespass isn't a crime.

Jun 20 2001 21:31

Indeed. Trespassers cannot be prosecuted - merely sued. And if they were doing it as representatives of the RCSU, then it is the RCSU which has to be sued. Only they can't - it's Imperial College on behalf ICU that gets sued.

But CGCU would have to bring the case against IC/ICU. Only CGCU are not a legal entity. So they would have to get Imperial College on behalf of Imperial College Union to bring the case.


Let's abolish the whole f***ing lot...

12. Stef   
Jun 21 2001 12:41

is this andy heeps suggesting we abolish medic clubs and socs?

13. IQ   
Jun 22 2001 12:45


IQ enters mascotry.

In a bold attempt to teach the men and women of RCSU and CGCU how its done, IQ enters mascotry by declaring their Sacred Twister Set violate. Guarded day and night by an elite team of IQ male and female rugby players, they await the first challenge from the super sexy men and women of RCSU and CGCU execs.

Will anyone rise to the challenge?

Jun 22 2001 15:54

Yes, all those super-sexy men and women of RCSU and CGCU execs.

All two-and-a-half of them...

And no, Minion (as you are now know, Stef), you know full well that I believe the CCU club and society system works. I just want mascotry to go.

I do hope IQ dedicate part of their website to their new mascotry games. Then, when I'm hugely depressed (a worryingly increasing phenomenon), I can cheer myself up by pissing myself with laughter.


15. stef   
Jun 22 2001 19:32

I think 2 and 1/2 is 2 and 1/2 too much, unless you know something I don't andy about their makeup:)

And I haven't got a clue what this is about mascotory, but I know who has the twister set and it ain't a rugby player. Definitely not

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