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Brian May Hands in Thesis

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Aug 03 2007 17:23

Queen guitarist Brian May has handed in his PhD thesis, 36 years after leaving Imperial.

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Aug 03 2007 19:25

And here's a cartoon about it...

Aug 06 2007 00:19

As an ex-Imperial Physicist, I woudn't have minded having Brian May take some lectures in Blackett, the musical starts/endings of lectures would have been far better than in Chris Phillips' lectures...

3. Seb   
Aug 06 2007 18:20

Oi, Chris Phillips solid state lectures were excellent! Death to the lightbulb!

Aug 08 2007 17:31

I hope he used LateX instead of c**ppy Word. Congrats to him!

Aug 10 2007 17:53

Oh my God how I hated Chris Phillips' lectures, like being back at school. And his jeans are SOOOO tight, not that I was looking or anything...

Though he gets minor respect from me for hooking up a minidisc player to the speakers. Minidisc!

6. Monty   
Aug 14 2007 11:21

Wow, who'd have thought he was into physics.

Hi Ash, lovin the site man!

Sep 06 2007 21:07

I finally heard the interview as well. Btw that is sound advice from him, start writing up now! Back in his days there was no submission limit and now there is one.

May 14 2008 22:27

I saw him graduate today at the Albert Hall - good on you sunshine!

A proud parent of another PHd graduate (well done jenny-Wren).

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