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College's Top Student Supporters Say Farewell

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Sep 27 2007 22:27

Imperial College will be saying goodbye to two of its most student-focused members of senior academic staff.

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Sep 27 2007 22:49

Richard Martin is a top bloke and has given CGCU an awful lot of help and support over the past few years. I wish him good luck in the future, even if he is going to UCL...

Sep 28 2007 00:55

Rees was completely useless.

The man didn't have a clue as to what was as going on. The fact that he is leaving is a huge benefit to the college and the Union.

3. Tris   
Sep 28 2007 11:38

I second that, Ashley! He's a good man.

Sep 28 2007 13:03

Not true, Rees was an awsome guy.

Sep 28 2007 17:04

Rees is an awesome guy you mean. ;)

Sep 28 2007 18:53

Here here, Rees was a superb guy, one of the few who cared about students and engaged with them at events. he was old school imperial in a corporate imperial world and things probably would have have been alot worse without him.

enjoy your retirement!

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