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Roy Anderson Appointed Non-Exec Director of GSK

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Oct 03 2007 12:09

Links between Imperial and GlaxoSmithKline grow stronger as next rector joins board of directors.

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Oct 03 2007 16:23

Is he going to have any time left to be the rector too?

Oct 04 2007 09:08

I would assume that the board of directors do not meet often enough for the position to interfere greatly with his role as rector.

Oct 04 2007 23:44

"at the expense of the tradition and history"?

Apart from the crest and the ex-college structure, what tradition and history did Imperial have? Please name a few.

Oct 05 2007 08:26

Isn't the crest and the collegiate structure enough?

Just because we do not have to wear full academic wear to exams does not mean that we did not have any history.

Oct 05 2007 08:53

We have 100 years of history, as the College is endlessly reminding us this year, which is more than many countries. Probably most states, come to think of it.

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