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Collins Chases Building Funding

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Oct 18 2007 23:08

Former ICU President John Collins is in the process of chasing sponsorship money from his bike ride.

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Oct 19 2007 10:35

Personally I'd rather break my arm six miles after starting than six miles before the end! What made you decide to do the trip backwards John? Sounds risky to me.

Oct 19 2007 12:49

Hi Martin.

I started from the top end for three reasons:

1. Weather - There was a window of dry weather in Scotland and I was keen to catch it before autumn arrived,

2. Vehicle Support - I only had vehicle support for a week and guessed it would be more useful in wild, remote Scotland (which it was),

3. Superstition - I didn't have the balls to face Cornwall until the end of the journey (not a great excuse...).

Oct 19 2007 16:44

I've said my fair share of harsh things about John in the past, but I have nothing but respect for him for going back and finishing the job he set out to do.

I just hope he manages to chase up the funds, and that people don't weasel their way out of this one.

4. Simon   
Oct 26 2007 14:59

Nice one John, kudos for having the guts to get back in the seat after that, AND doing it on the quiet too!

Just need to chase up those tight gits now...... You surely know by now how hard it is to get money from anyone at College!

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