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Mishmash - A Mostly Harmless Column

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Jun 25 2001 21:48

School of Medicine Announce Return to Traditional Teaching; Sen's Secrets Revealed; MIT Notes Impact IC; Summerball Success Lays Foundations for Future.

Jun 25 2001 22:10

Well, you'll be more than welcome here if Will Dugdale declines.

Jun 26 2001 10:57

MCQ (or multiple guess) have been ued for quite a while in biochem too.

Jun 26 2001 11:21

Hmm... Mish Mash factually accurate as usual.

4. bored   
Jun 26 2001 12:45

Hey! What happened to Heeps on Monday?

MishMash just doesn't have that sort of appeal any more!

Jun 27 2001 11:53

God, you must be your namesake if you want Heeps on Monday back..

Sorry for the delay - Heeps on Wednesday or Thursday should be happening at some point in the next 24h.

Any requests? Come on Stef, you like suggesting topics...

6. stef   
Jun 27 2001 13:41

The only story i know of is 'ex girlfriend of sabb leaks stories to dodgy student press'

Jun 27 2001 13:52

How about slagging off mascotry?

8. stef   
Jun 27 2001 13:56

Well if by any chance you pop to south ken on Thursday - College Open Day

9. dave   
Jun 27 2001 14:06

Did I miss something Richard, or aren't you leaving on Friday? Does this mean you're intending to write a column from afar, and fabricate the entirety of Mishmash, rather than the regulation 51%?

Jun 27 2001 18:21

Kevin is not the only leaver who will continue to contribute as an alumnus journalist.

A certain predecssor of mine, who is envious of Andy Heeps' abilitiy to slag off sabbaticals, is keen to use this resource for such purposes.

11. Hamish   
Jun 27 2001 20:03

Yes! That's right! Get ready for "Voice of the Common Man" (geddit) coming soon!

12. stef   
Jun 27 2001 20:56


Jun 30 2001 21:12

Minions are not supposed to groan.

Oct 11 2001 00:51

How incredible sad you all are. And me to for reading your inane ramblings. Heeps on Whatever-day-he-can-be-arsed is a complete load of boring trash. At least Mish-mash takes the mick out of people who deserve it and rips the pish out of college (who often fall into the previous group too).


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